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33052 Calle Aviador Unit C
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

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Team Green

Geoff Nicholson

It's been along time coming, but it is finally here!! What you ask?  GREEN. No, I'm not talking about your local medical marijuana clinic or weaving a basket made of hemp. I'm talking about the color green!! I know, we've tried this one before, but this time it's coming for AW14 in a big way by using rich textures and alternative fabrics like silk and wool, silk and cotton, melange yarns and much more. Combinations, such as, Green/Navy, Green/Grey, Green/Taupe and even Green/Black, will add another sophisticated layer to your fall wardrobe arsenal.  


Geoff Nicholson



Not wearing a tie with that jacket?? Shame on you!! Unless you're a limousine driver or bellhop, you probably should at least put a square into that lonely pocket.  If you're wearing that nice crisp COTTON or LINEN square, it's probably best if you stay away from the POOFY look and try wearing it SQUARED OFF.  aah much better!!!